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9 Pcs combo kit (Combokit9)

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Tags: Cordless screwdriver, Cordless Drill - Screwdriver, Cordless Impact Drill- Screwdriver, Battery, Charger, 5 Pcs Lithium-Ion industrial combo kit

9 Pcs combo kit TOTAL Combokit9

9 Pcs combo kit TOTAL Combokit9

Type 9 Pcs combo kit
Nutrition From battery
Battery type Li-ion
Battery capacity 4 A * h
Battery voltage 20 V
Battery Charge Time 1 hours
Battery charge 110-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Accumulator battery 2 PC
Charger 1 pc
In the set With 1pcs lithium-ion battery and charger kit (TFBCPK1424). With 1pcs lithium-ion cordless drill (TDLI200515). With 1pcs lithium-ion rotary hammer(TRHLI20168). With 1pcs lithium-ion angle grinder(TAGLI21154). With 1pcs lithium-ion palm sander(TDSLI2051). With 1pcs lithium-ion autocompressor(TACLI2018). With 1pcs rechargeable flashlight 450L(TCFL1865051). With 1pcs laser meter(TMT56016). With 1pcs tool bag 24" (THT16242).

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