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10pcs blades set

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Tags: Ratchet wrench, screwdriver, Knife with retractable trapezoidal blade, 10pcs blades set

10pcs blades set TOTAL THT519611

  • Blade length 61mm
  • Blade width 19mm
  • Blade material SK5 steel
  • In the set 10pcs SK5 blades
  • Pack by plastic box
  • Suitable for TG5126101

A set of blades for universal knives 10pcs is designed for cutting paper, cardboard, wallpaper, linoleum, etc. The blades are used in conjunction with a utility knife, are made of hardened steel and are resistant to dullness.

Type 10pcs blades set
Features Suitable for TG5126101
Material Blade material SK5 steel
Length 61mm
Packing Pack by plastic box

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