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4 Wheel hand truck

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Tags: Deep Vibrator Tipped Hose, Wheelbarrow 130kg with solid wheel, 4 Wheel hand truck

4 Wheel hand truck TOTAL THTHP11502

  • Type - hand truck.
  • Maximum weight capacity - 150kg.
  • Floor size - 725x472mm.
  • Floor coating - non-slip carpet.
  • Wheel material - polyurethane.
  • Wheel size - 4inch.
  • Weight - 8.5kg.
  • Dimensions - 725x472x135x820mm.

The platform 4-wheeled cart TOTAL THTHP11502 is designed to move loads weighing up to 150 kg in warehouses, wholesale depots, in shopping centers. It is possible to transport bulky items due to the large size of the platform. The structure is fully welded and designed for high loads.

Type 4 Wheel hand truck
Dimensions Dimensions - 725x472x135x820mm.
Material Wheel material - polyurethane.
Weight Weight - 8.5kg.
Size Wheel size - 4inch. Floor size - 725x472mm.

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