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Pneumatic impact wrench 1355 Nm/6.2 atm-3/4 inch (TAT40341)

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Pneumatic impact wrench 1355 Nm/6.2 atm-3/4 inch TOTAL TAT40341

  • Impact wrench TOTAL is used for tightening and unscrewing fasteners. The impact mechanism allows you to work with stuck and rusted threaded connections. The principle of operation on compressed air provides an impressive working life.
  • The tool has a robust body that reliably protects the internal components from mechanical damage.
  • The ability to work without stopping for a long time.

Spare parts:

Rotor TAT40341-SP-27

  • Max torque: 1355 Nm.
  • Pressure: 6.2 atm.
  • Spindle speed: 7000 rpm.
  • Air consumption: 269 l / min.
  • Chuck size: 3/4 inch
  • Reverse: yes
  • Impact: yes
  • Weight։ 3 kg.
  • Warranty. 1 year

Power Pressure: 6.2 atm.
Type Pneumatic impact wrench
Max torque 1355 Nm
The maximum number of revolutions 7000 rpm
Features An impressive work resource; Resistance to overloads and overheating; Reliable "double hammer" impact mechanism; Rubberized grip for a comfortable grip;
Maximum air flow 269 l / min
Engine type Pneumatic
Type of Patron 3/4 " square
Weight 3 kg
Packing Carton box

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