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Pneumatic impact wrench 1600 Nm/6.2 atm-3/4 inch (TAT40342)

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Pneumatic impact wrench 1600 Nm/6.2 atm-3/4 inch TOTAL TAT40342

  • The TOTAL TAT40342 pneumatic impact wrench is widely used in auto repair shops, manufacturing workshops and repair shops. The impact mechanism allows you to work with stuck and rusted fasteners.
  • The robust metal body of the tool is resistant to mechanical damage.
  • The principle of operation on compressed air provides a low fire and explosion hazard of the work process.

Spare parts:

Rotor TAT40342-SP-13

  • Max torque: 1600 Nm.
  • Pressure: 6.2 atm.
  • Spindle speed: 4000 rpm.
  • Air consumption: 2561 l / min.
  • Chuck size: 3/4 inch
  • Reverse: yes
  • Impact: yes
  • Weight։ 5.9 kg.
  • Warranty. 1 year

Power Pressure: 6.2 atm.
Type Pneumatic impact wrench
Max torque 1600 Nm
The maximum number of revolutions 4000 rpm
Features An impressive work resource; Resistance to overloads and overheating; Reliable "double hammer" impact mechanism; Rubberized grip for a comfortable grip;
Maximum air flow 2561 l / min
Engine type Pneumatic
Type of Patron 3/4 " square
Weight 5.9 kg
Packing Carton box

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