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Armenia, Yerevan Arin-Berdi St., 1/2 Building, Pavilion 4s (Erebuni adm. district)
Tel.   +37433000400

How to register the guarantee - online guarantee

Link to service center website:   totalservice

Warranty service rules.

Warranty service is provided upon presentation of a valid and fully completed warranty.

coupon allowing during the specified period repair tool for free.

Maintenance is carried out only in the workshop Total Service Center (hereinafter PTS).

This warranty card is valid only for the authorized representative of Totaltools, Mehrabyan and Sons.

on Total brands (tools) imported to Armenia LLC. The device must be presented to the service center

in its entirety and with the parts that you used to use it. Warranty service does not include replacement,

preventive cleaning, installation of the device, adjustment. Warranty service is not subject to equipment, the defects of which are caused by: for reasons.

  • Caused by misuse, negligence, accident mechanical, physical, thermal and other injuries.
  • Incorrect installation, transportation, repair by unauthorized persons or device modifications conducting experiments.
  • Due to the penetration of foreign bodies, insects and liquids into the device.
  • Damaged by dirt or missing air or fuel filter.
  • Not used for gasoline or oil engines and power tools. fuel (fuels and lubricants) see compatibility with the specifications of this instrument).
  • Defects that occurred during operation with overload, including deformation of wires melting, charring of the stator, etc.
  • Damage from deviations from the State technical standards of power supply networks and telecommunications.

Wear parts  (carbon deposits, candles, belts, rubber or paper gaskets, combustion engines spark plugs, idlers, air and fuel filters)

are not covered by the warranty, The service center does not replace the device or refund.

The service center reserves the right to leave the failed device for inspection and repair. up to 21 working days

Replacement tools can be provided upon request. Final group, if the client does not pick up the device within 3 months

after the repair is not responsible for the product and it is considered waste.