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Chainsaw 1.4 kW (TG5411611)

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Chainsaw TOTAL TG5411611 1.4 kW

  • The Total chain saw is  designed for fast cutting of fresh, dry and wet wood of various thicknesses and configurations, chipboards, wood from small and medium diameter logs.
  • Thanks to the use of modern developments and technologies, chainsaws are endowed with good engine performance, as well as durability and wear resistance of main parts and parts. By their design, chainsaws are classified as simple classical mechanisms - the chain is driven by an internal combustion engine. The simplicity of the chainsaw device is a factor of reliability, ensures its trouble-free operation in difficult conditions.

  • Power: 1.4 Kw.
  • Revolutions: 3300 ± 300 rpm.
  • Horsepower 2.2 HP.
  • Displacement: 41cc.
  • Cutting diameter: 405 mm.
  • Engine: 2-stroke.
  • Fuel tank volume: 0.26 L.
  • Oil tank volume: 0.21 L.
  • Weight: 9 kg.
  • Warranty: 1 Years.

Horsepower 2,2 hp
Power 1.4 Kw
Rotation frequency 3300 ± 300 rpm.
Type Chainsaw
Features Powerful 2-stroke engine. Cylinder volume - 46 cc Oregon chain. Rarburetor Walbro. Positioning the motor in the saw Cross (lateral).
Engine type Petrol
Capacity Fuel tank volume: 0.26 L. Oil tank volume: 0.21 L.
Diameter Cutting diameter: 405 mm
Body material Metal, plastic
Weight 9 kg.
Packing Carton box
In the set Bar, Chain, Chain Guard, Wrench, Screwdriver, Chain File.

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